Friday, 4 May 2012


HEY EVERYONE, I APOLOGISE for being slack on the blogging front lately, I've been revising a lot for my all important exams. Tedious!

This is a pathetic excuse for a haul but I'm gon show you anywaaay ;) The Queen came to our city a few days ago, everyone was fighting to get to the front of the barriers surrounding the highstreet in order to get a glimpse of her. Some people were getting slightly too emotional about the whole situation and some...words...were said. People were even climbing ontop of bus stops to spy her. All in all it was mayhem, so I thought ''f**k this sh*t!'' and headed off to H&M where the shop was dead. It was amazing, for a whole hour I had all of the shops to myself! They're doing some lovely swimwear in H&M at the moment and I may go there right before my holiday in June to grab some (more unecessary) bikinis! Hehe.

I picked up a really cute red dress which was only £14.99!

 It looks better on and has a really flattering, curve creating shape. Needs ironing too! Haha

The next goodie on my list was this lovely skirt, only £7.99! My eyes watered with joy when I saw the price :')

 It's a really cute summery colour and it's perfect teamed with a crop top or thin top that can be tucked underneath.
 It comes with a nice rope style belt too - bonus!

Next we have le lion crop top. These are pretty popular at the moment and I caved in to the trend. It's just funky and looks great with my high waisted shorts. Teaming with a leather jacket gives it added egde...darling. 

This was another £7.99 job.

Last but not least, we have panties (damn I love a good pair of undies!) which came in at £3.99. They are adorable. Just see for yourself...

You may be asking what the big deal is. Wait, is that diamonds I see? Bitch please. One cannot walk past lace + diamond + panties and bypass? It's just not done. These are hand wash babies because there's no way I'm having those diamonds come off in the wash. Can you tell I like them?

So nice :)

So that's my mini haul. I will no doubt be doing a bigger one soon, I'll be collecting holiday clothes. I've decided upon selling some nice things on eBay too. They type of things that are nice but more appreciated by someone else for one reason or another. I'll link to my eBay goodies when they're up because honestly there will be some lovely bits and bobs.
I hope everyone is having a great friday afternoon, it's the weekend! How great, plus we have a bank holiday, woop! Comment telling me if there's anything great for holidays knocking around on the high street that I should know about, I love hearing from you.

Lots of love xx


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    1. Get some! They're so cheap :)! xx Thanks for commenting!