Tuesday, 29 May 2012


HERE'S JUST A LITTLE POST to show you a few of the things I am frothing about. I occasionally check out the Nasty Gal website, which has some funky stuff. My latest snoop has put ideas in my head and I'm loving these items:

 £30.59   £21.41
I adore this, I think it's extremely cute the way she's wearing it with shorts. I am really tempted...

Saturday, 26 May 2012


HEY CHICAS, I hope everyone is enjoying the sun we're getting! I'm going to show you this gorgeous Urban Decay eyeshadow palette which I picked up for £20 (reduced from £27 because the primer potion was missing, how cool?!). It's not one that I'd heard of before, being in a wooden box I'm sure that's where the name 'Sustainable Box' came from. I really like the packaging as it's nice and solid whilst looking quite quirky. It opens by sliding the lid to the side, which took my blonde brain a few seconds to figure out as I tried to yank the lid up!

Thursday, 24 May 2012


NIP + FAB IS A BRAND WITH MANY different body/face products which apparently use the latest technology to deliver proper results. They have priducts such as Tummy Fix, which aims to firm up tummies, Cellulite Fix (it's in the name), Spot Fix and other such things.
When the Dailymail published an article about a girl who claimed the Bust Fix made her boobs grow a cup size in a month, the serum sold out everywhere! Literally, I couldn't get hold of it in my local Boots for a ridonculously long time. It's meant to firm and plump by getting into your boobs fat cells and making them explode (well, not quite), with the possibility of plumping your titties up by as much as a cup size. Pretty cool right?

Having read reviews about this product many times before I bought it, I came to realise there aren't many in depth ones (not that I could find anyway) so I took the plunge and bought it anyway, knowing that if it wasn't worth the hype, at least I can blog about it and give a thorough review for anyone thinking of buying it.

Let me start with the before and after photos, which is something I couldn't find ANYWHERE, and I'm all about the photographic results so if you don't like boobs look away :o
Obviously to get a fair result I wore the same bikini without and inbuilt padding or anything to accentuate ma lumps.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012


HELLO LOVELY GIRLS, I haven't been blogging a lot lately due to crazy hectic exams, which
will be coming to an end in June, so I'll be hardcore blogging when they're over! I cannot wait for the weight of exams and revision to be lifted!

Tuesday, 15 May 2012


HEY GORGEOUS GIRLS, I hope everyone is having a fab day. Another post between my rigorous revision sessions (something I'm completely new to...). Last week I popped into the beloved Body Shop and came across a new range of lipsticks. They're super moisturizing but with great colour pay off at the same time. I swatched a few and decided on the colour ''cheeky coral''.

The packaging is delightful, it feels sturdy yet nice to look at, and the lipstick itself is great. Seeing as the weather is being hormonal and the sun isn't on permanent show, I wanted a moisturizing lipstick to fend off the bitter windy days. This is it seriously!

Monday, 14 May 2012


HELLO PEOPLES! The lovely J from Obviously.Feminine? has tagged everyone a get to know me post, I've not done one of these before so thought it might be fun :)

1. Do you have a middle name? I do, it's Roma which was my grandmother's name.
2. What was your favourtie subject in school? I hated school so much so I'm going to go with College instead and say Philosophy and Law. I did love art at school actually but my teacher was a sloth.
3. What's your favourite drink? Love diet coke, who doesn't? However I am a sucker for cocktails, espesh Sex on the Beach ;) A good skinny latte always goes down a treat too!
4. Favourite song at the moment? This is really hard because I'm a bit of a granny and finding all of the auto tuned chart music really boring at the moment. Probably Alex Clare 'Too close'' from the internet explorer advert haha, I keep listening to it.
5. What would you name your children? I love this question coming up because my boyfriend (Phil) and I have a longstanding joke that we will call our kids Brick and Bort. Obviously I'll think of something kinder nearer the time...
6. Do your participate in any sports? Eh this is awkward. I an currently really lazy but I'm going to be a major health/fitness freak from now on in the lead up to my holiday.
7. Favourite book? I really enjoy reading things that others may describe as ''heavy''. For instance while I was on holiday in December, while everyone else was reading light hearted holiday material I was reading a book about people who were wrongly executed in America. Yes I'm weird but I find that stuff interesting.



Love the edginess of this look paired with the smart blazer. The heels are hot too.


HEY EVERYONE, I'M REVISING LIKE A BOSS today and I need a quick break so I'm going to do a little review for you! Today is the test of Garnier BB cream. I've just applied it and taken a few photos for you to get the full effect,

Saturday, 12 May 2012


NOT THAT ONE YOU DIRTY PEOPLE! (probably the only post that will ever attract a male audience). The Kate Middleton blow dry has become something of an obsession for some women. Her long silky locks are always immaculate and as we all know, her signature look is ''fresh from the hairdresser blow drys''. I'll put this out there, I am in no way a Kate fanatic - I just like her hair. I think she's been oversold now by the press, but she seems a nice lady.

Back to the hair. For my birthday, my boyfriend's mum kindly bought me a ''WAHL hot air styler'', designed to make blowdrying your own hair into waves much easier (otherwise I look somewhat inept trying to do it with a hair dryer, arms everywhere!). It's a great little tool, which did take a while to get used to but I had a play around with different ways of styling it and I've come to love it.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012


DOING A PARTY EYE OF THE WEEK post is a new idea of mine which I will stick to religiously! It speaks for itself and this week I came up with a simple blue look. It involves quite a few sparkly products so catches the camera lights nicely, adding a twinkle to your eyes.

Step 1: Using a fluffy brush, sweep your whole eyelid with
a shimmery copper bronze eyeshadow, to just below the brow bone.

Friday, 4 May 2012


HEY EVERYONE, I APOLOGISE for being slack on the blogging front lately, I've been revising a lot for my all important exams. Tedious!

This is a pathetic excuse for a haul but I'm gon show you anywaaay ;) The Queen came to our city a few days ago, everyone was fighting to get to the front of the barriers surrounding the highstreet in order to get a glimpse of her. Some people were getting slightly too emotional about the whole situation and some...words...were said. People were even climbing ontop of bus stops to spy her. All in all it was mayhem, so I thought ''f**k this sh*t!'' and headed off to H&M where the shop was dead. It was amazing, for a whole hour I had all of the shops to myself! They're doing some lovely swimwear in H&M at the moment and I may go there right before my holiday in June to grab some (more unecessary) bikinis! Hehe.

I picked up a really cute red dress which was only £14.99!