Saturday, 26 May 2012


HEY CHICAS, I hope everyone is enjoying the sun we're getting! I'm going to show you this gorgeous Urban Decay eyeshadow palette which I picked up for £20 (reduced from £27 because the primer potion was missing, how cool?!). It's not one that I'd heard of before, being in a wooden box I'm sure that's where the name 'Sustainable Box' came from. I really like the packaging as it's nice and solid whilst looking quite quirky. It opens by sliding the lid to the side, which took my blonde brain a few seconds to figure out as I tried to yank the lid up!

These shades are sooo pigmented and I love the colour range. It's cool that this palette inludes both neutrals and brights. The browns work perfectly with eachother to create a smokey look and the other colours compliment eachother nicely too. I adore the bluey/green colours as well because they're not garish, in fact they're actually very pretty!

Here's the swatches for you to see each one up close and personal ;)


As you can see, every single shade is a beauty. I will be experimenting with different eye looks soon, using all of these shadows so I will show you what I come up with.
You can get this palette here.
I would love to add to my little Urban Decay collection. I have a few of their single eyeshadows and this makes me realise that it's waaay more economical to but the palettes...I think the singles are around £14/15 and the palettes range from £25 to £40 and you get 10-15 shadows.

Do you have any UD palettes? I'm so tempted with the naked/naked 2 but I'm not sure whether it's necessary haha. I'd love to hear your views on their products :)

Have a fab Saturday night everyone! X


  1. Ok so now I want this palette too... THANKS! haha, the box is so cute, I've never seen one like this either! xxx

    1. It's always the way! Yeah the box is good, I'm trying hard to keep all of the shadows looking neat (something I always do with new palettes, then it eventually goes to shit!) xx