Tuesday, 15 May 2012


HEY GORGEOUS GIRLS, I hope everyone is having a fab day. Another post between my rigorous revision sessions (something I'm completely new to...). Last week I popped into the beloved Body Shop and came across a new range of lipsticks. They're super moisturizing but with great colour pay off at the same time. I swatched a few and decided on the colour ''cheeky coral''.

The packaging is delightful, it feels sturdy yet nice to look at, and the lipstick itself is great. Seeing as the weather is being hormonal and the sun isn't on permanent show, I wanted a moisturizing lipstick to fend off the bitter windy days. This is it seriously!

You can see how juicy and soft it is from where I've used it as it melts onto your lips.

The colour itself is a lovely soft coral (I would look horrendous in an actual ''I've just been chilling on the ocean floor'' bright coral).

(I really should be revising not pasting bloody coral onto my face)

Anyway the swatch below shows it more clearly and as you can see, there are beautiful little flecks of gold running through it.

I have to say I really like this lipstick, it's exceeded my expectations although it does occasionally require topping up, probably because it's very moisturising so it rubbs off a lot easier.
Here are the images from the internet to give you an idea of the different colours on offer. It's a small range with quite a few nudes but what it does have is really lovely.

Cheeky coral, my one, love.

Shell pink. Looks nice from this picture but I can't remember what it was like for real.

Vintage rose.

Pink flash. This is the next one I'd love to get my hands on. I swatched. I loved it.

Lilac whisper. 

Iced violet.

These beauties are priced at £9.00 buuuut...
I have been hunting and found Body Shop voucher codes, you can get 40% off one purchase, plus free standard delivery by entering SAVEX402 at the checkout (valid from 16th may until 12 noon on 21st may). That makes it £5.40, not bad! I bought it full price in the shop, I pity the fool!

I hope this post hasn't been boring or anything but I just wanted to share some lipstick love. Has anybody already got one of these? If so which one? I'd like to know if you like the other colours...
Have a great evening ladies x


  1. That's such a pretty colour! I might get one as a treat after my exams :P Good luck with your revision and exams too! x

    1. You should, I hope you like them. Good luck with your exams too, I hope you do well. Not too long now until the holidays! :) xx

  2. WOW! thats such a gorgeous colour! Looks lovely on you xx

    1. Thank you. I don't feel too sure about corals but this is great for beginners haha :) x

  3. It's such a gorgeous colour, it looks amazing on you-definitely going to give it a try! :) XX

    1. Thank you! Just checked out your blog, you have a great fashion sense, even Grazia thinks so ;) how cool is that??! You must have been over the moon! xx