Monday, 14 May 2012


HELLO PEOPLES! The lovely J from Obviously.Feminine? has tagged everyone a get to know me post, I've not done one of these before so thought it might be fun :)

1. Do you have a middle name? I do, it's Roma which was my grandmother's name.
2. What was your favourtie subject in school? I hated school so much so I'm going to go with College instead and say Philosophy and Law. I did love art at school actually but my teacher was a sloth.
3. What's your favourite drink? Love diet coke, who doesn't? However I am a sucker for cocktails, espesh Sex on the Beach ;) A good skinny latte always goes down a treat too!
4. Favourite song at the moment? This is really hard because I'm a bit of a granny and finding all of the auto tuned chart music really boring at the moment. Probably Alex Clare 'Too close'' from the internet explorer advert haha, I keep listening to it.
5. What would you name your children? I love this question coming up because my boyfriend (Phil) and I have a longstanding joke that we will call our kids Brick and Bort. Obviously I'll think of something kinder nearer the time...
6. Do your participate in any sports? Eh this is awkward. I an currently really lazy but I'm going to be a major health/fitness freak from now on in the lead up to my holiday.
7. Favourite book? I really enjoy reading things that others may describe as ''heavy''. For instance while I was on holiday in December, while everyone else was reading light hearted holiday material I was reading a book about people who were wrongly executed in America. Yes I'm weird but I find that stuff interesting.
8. Favourite colour? It's all about the colour pairings. Turquoise + gold = gorgeous
9. Favourite animal? Dogs, I love them so much. They make a home complete. (''especially on a wall'' as quoted by my boyfriend. He loves dogs, calm down).
10. Favourite perfume? I'm currently wearing Miss Cherie by Dior but I love all kinds!
11. Favourite holiday? Christmas time (it means season rather than actual holidays according to J)
12. Have you graduated high school? Yep, thank goodness!
13. Have you been out of the country? I've been lucky in that my dad has always taken me on holidays from a young age so I love travelling and seeing new places/cultures.
14. Do you speak any other languages? Not fluently but I'm quite good at french. I can say anything in an indian accent...does that count?!
15. Do you have any siblings? I don't, but friends are the family you choose for yourself, as they say.
16. What's your favourite store? In terms of highstreet shops, I love Zara, All Saints (not just because I work there, I genuinly love it), H&M for cheap stuff and La Senza.
17. Do you like college? I like it, even though I'm taking an extra year, you get to be more indepedant.
18. Favourite youtubers? I generally look at loads of different ones so there's a few too many to list! I think different people are good for different types of things so I don't really stick to one person. Just from an arty point of view I was really impressed by the girl who can make herself look like pretty much any celebrity, even though I wouldn't want to do it myself. She's very talented. LINK
19. Favourite movie? Shawshank redemption, I am Sam, Man on Fire, basically any comedy with Ben Stiller.
20. Favourite TV show? Do not get me started. This will have to be a list because they all deserve a place:

Dexter (the series not cartoon!)
Prison Break
The Walking Dead
The Killing
The Sopranos
The US Office
Modern Family
Curb your enthusiasm

21. PC or Mac? PC, I would always choose a computer over a raincoat. ;)
22. What phone do you have? A Samsung something o rather. Galaxy I think?
23. How tall are you? 5ft 6''. Or as Phil likes to complicate things, 17 llama hands tall :)

I tag everyone who follows me :) xx


  1. I love sex on the beach too, I can't go out without a few home made glasses of it first :P Great post :) x

    1. I still blush whenever I ask for one in a bar haha. There's a worse name though, a local bar is home to the ''screaming orgasm''! xx

  2. Modern Family is my favorite TV show. I can always go for a Sex on the Beach.

    1. I adore Cam, he's hilarious!! x

  3. Who is this boyfriend? He sounds great....and handsome.