Wednesday, 24 October 2012


HELLO LOVELY PEOPLE, not that anyone has probably noticed but I havn't been blogging for a while now (my last post was the 6th September!). There are a few reasons for being that I havn't really had a computer to use and another being the fact that I'm trying to put a lot of energy into my courses and studying, Philosophy demands a constant flow of essays and reading, whilst I'm trying to write for my city's newspaper for the journalism. As a side note: if you ever get the chance to study philosophy and/or journalism, do that shit! It is absolutely amazing...

Now that I have a computer I will resumer blogging and I have so many ideas! Although I say that a lot and don't usually follow through with all of these ideas, this time i will!
Today I bought a lovely piece of knitwear as I was after a great winter warmer. I got one from work (suprise suprise) and I literally want to make love to it. Thank you.

These pictures certainly do not so it any justice but it's a lovely oatmeal colour (not that that description sounds particularly nice either). It features cable paneling an of course the gorgeous oversized funnel neck. I will take some proper photos in the daylight sometime and style it properly so you can see it in all it's glory. It's really warm and comfortable so I'm sure this will see lots of use in years to come. It's not comforming to any crazy fashion statement so I think that it's also pretty timeless which means I'll be able to wear this until I die. Dramatic use of words but you get my drift...

Available HERE from All Saints.

Is anyone else going knuts for knit? ;) xx

Thursday, 6 September 2012


EASY LIKE THURSDAY MORNING for me! I have the day off and I'm loving lounging around in my own filth eating cereal and watching my beloved recordings of Britain's Next Top Model. It puts me to shame when I watch them floating around in their lovely dresses whilst I'm fusing with the sofa in my PJ's. LOVE. IT.

Yesterday I bough a dress from's called the Bo Tee Dress and for some reason I can't see it on the website at the moment but the top version is HERE. The dress retails for £60 and comes in a range of colours. All Saints is going mad for mesh this season (I already have this and this which both feature mesh, why am I getting more?!) and it has triggered an apparent love for mesh which I never knew I had. I usually associate mesh with prostitutes and gay bars but All Saints has done a really good job of introducing mesh in a less scary, ''I'm not catching fish with this'' kind of way.

I'm a pasty bitch at the moment. The mesh runs midway down the back which would look amazing if you were going bra-less. The shoes are from River Island in the last sale so I'm not sure whether they're still available but I think they work well with the dress and some jewellery to dress it up a bit, otherwise some ankle boots and a nice piece of knitwear would be a great casual way of wearing this dress.

Anyone else liking mesh this season?

Wednesday, 5 September 2012


WHILST WORKING THE OTHER DAY (I work part time in a clothes shop), a man in what I would presume was his early fifties came in and brought a load of clothes to the counter. Now the shop I work in isn't cheap and he racked up a bill of about 300 squid. He had a grown up daughter with him and I made conversation by just asking ''so are you shopping for an occasion, an event you might be going to?'' and his reply has stuck with me ever since.

This gentleman said to me ''No, I don't need any of this stuff for an occasion, in fact I don't need any of these things at all. If we wrote a list of all the things we needed then the list would actually be very small. I like to limit myself to shopping once a month and when I do go, I feel a real awareness of how privileged I am to be able to have not only the things I need, but also the things that I want, and enjoy the experience.'' He then went on to tell me that he taught his children from an early age to enjoy the wealth they acquire through working, but to always remain aware of how lucky they were.

I don't know why it stuck with me so much but I haven't done it justice in my recollection of his words. He explained it so nicely. It made me stop to think that we should all have those days where we treat ourselves without feeling bad about it, or worrying that we should be spending our money on more ''important'' matters, but as long as you indulge in one of those days, you should be totally aware of your fortunate position.

Hope that made sense! x

Thursday, 30 August 2012


EATING A SUBWAY for my car...listening to 70's pop...whilst photographing it.....rock bottom?

Sunday, 26 August 2012


HELLO BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE! Firstly I do apologise for the lack of blogging, as I mentioned last week I was going to be in London for a while and when I got back everything went crazy with the whole education thing and what to do, where to go etc. Howsit hanging for everyone?!
London was really fun and I loved spending some quality time with my dad. We went to some museums and visited old friends and family. Not a lot of shopping took place because it wasn't that kind of trip buuut I did get a few little goodies to review for you lovely ladies. Photo time!

Top: All Saints
Skirt: H&M (£7!!! Can't get over it)

 Makeup done using my new Guerlain bronzer which I picked up in Harrods. Review to follow.

 London's newest big building, the ''Shard''.

Friday, 17 August 2012


'DIOR ADDICT LIPSTICK' addict of course. Having picked up my A Level results yesterday and done really well in one aspect and pretty shockingly in another, I decided I needed to reward myself for my shortcomings hard work and visit Dior <3 I'm off to London with my papa any minute now so will be doing a mahussive makeup/clothes haul and review when I get back (planning on parting with some monies) however I just wanted to share with you my first little gem of the weekend. Of course proper photos will follow. My dad will have to deal with the fact that his laptop is going to be abused this weekend as I will do little posts in the quiet moments.
How did everyone do in their exams? Comment and let me know! I hope you all got what you were hoping for but if not then it's so important to remember that life has so many different avenues for you to go down. A levels are not the end of the world! I know some awesome people who have amazing jobs/lifestyles who didn't do too well at school/college. If all else fails there is big demand for high class hookers so it's fiiiine! ;)

Wednesday, 15 August 2012



 SO APPARENTLY ALL OF THE little bits and bobs I was going to do this evening got completely thrown out of the window when I google imaged something and ended up being referred to Pinterest. I always knew about the site but never properly sat down to look through it. This evening I ended up taking me through a journey of gorgeous outfits, gorgeous hair to amazing recipes and fitness ideas. That was only after a few pages! Lord knows what would happen to me if I decided to actually go through it methodically. I'm ashamed to say that I have done nothing and now I'm showing you photos that I like *facepalm*.

This dress is gorgeous...

Need I say anything?

 This is so cool! I want to copy it ;)

 Can bikinis GET any cuter?!

 This girl is gorgeous...not to mention the hair!

 Simple but nice :)

 Gorgeous girl with fit hair...again ;) *Planning when to copy it*

 So true hahahaha!

 Can't hear Ludacris the same way again now! Haha.

 Happens far too often :s


This may be my new weapon in arguments with people, so cool ;)

I refuse to believe that I wasted my evening when I have fed my brain with such great content. Woop go me!!!