Monday, 14 May 2012


HEY EVERYONE, I'M REVISING LIKE A BOSS today and I need a quick break so I'm going to do a little review for you! Today is the test of Garnier BB cream. I've just applied it and taken a few photos for you to get the full effect,
however I will update this post tonight to tell you how it performed for a whole day.

The coverage of this is minimal, but in a good way because it's a nice colour so it manages to even out skintone without looking heavy. However I still felt like I really loaded it up to get an even layer spread around, which I don't find I do with foundation.
The below photo shows me with the cream on the right side of my face....your left (not that you needed that help there).....and no makeup at all on the left, though I did put the TEENIEST bit of concealer under eye, forgive me!

 As you can see, the cream definately evens out the sexy redness of my face as well as a little bit by my nose ;) My problem with this product (and for me it's quite an annoying thing) is that it seems to move around your face at its own accord. It never really dries and I suppose that's because it's mainly a moisturizer so its not meant to, but I blew my nose at one point and it just toally rubbed off, leaving me looking like Rudolph (you know you want me). That may be less of a problem if you were to set it with a translucent powder, something I didn't do.
That said it looked nice outdoors, very very natural and you don't get that ''I'm wearing product'' look that can happen in natural light sometimes.

 That's a shadow on my jaw not bronzer

Update later! :) Comment and tell me if you've used this and if so, what is your way of getting the most out of this product? I know some people claim to love it but I do think there's a nack to using it.

Back to my voldemort of a revision session...x


  1. I've used this. It was the first BB cream I used as I was a strict foundation girl but my mum happened to have this. I used moisteriser before it as well and applied it with a stipple brush and had mixed a tiny biy of liquid highlighter in it. I loved the look and got a lot of compliments that I decided to buy 2 shades of BB Cream but I couldn't find this one so got no.17 instead which is just as good but I'd say it provides a little more coverage. I also use concealer obviously :) xx

    1. Ahh ok, that's good to know. I used my fingers to apply so that's probably not so good as the heat makes it melt more :s
      It definately feels like I'm not wearing makeup. Have you found continued use of BB creams make your skin better? xx

  2. I used the no 17 first off then the gamier, and I have just bought the no7 after running out. I really don't like wearing foundation, it always feels to heavy and unnatural. I like using bb cream for every day wear, and it's light and looks natural. I still need to find something with more cover up though, I have red undertones which is really annoying! Great post though! :) xx

    1. Thanks for the comment :) Yeah I know the feeling, especially in the summer when foundation can get sweaty (sounds gross), yet I think this BB cream would really melt in the hot weather too because of all the moisture!

      I can totally reccomend Bare Minerals foundation if you want a light feel but medium coverage, it's amazing when applied with the correct brushes and technique. It literally feels like a second skin. Worth a thought anyway :) xxx