Thursday, 24 May 2012


NIP + FAB IS A BRAND WITH MANY different body/face products which apparently use the latest technology to deliver proper results. They have priducts such as Tummy Fix, which aims to firm up tummies, Cellulite Fix (it's in the name), Spot Fix and other such things.
When the Dailymail published an article about a girl who claimed the Bust Fix made her boobs grow a cup size in a month, the serum sold out everywhere! Literally, I couldn't get hold of it in my local Boots for a ridonculously long time. It's meant to firm and plump by getting into your boobs fat cells and making them explode (well, not quite), with the possibility of plumping your titties up by as much as a cup size. Pretty cool right?

Having read reviews about this product many times before I bought it, I came to realise there aren't many in depth ones (not that I could find anyway) so I took the plunge and bought it anyway, knowing that if it wasn't worth the hype, at least I can blog about it and give a thorough review for anyone thinking of buying it.

Let me start with the before and after photos, which is something I couldn't find ANYWHERE, and I'm all about the photographic results so if you don't like boobs look away :o
Obviously to get a fair result I wore the same bikini without and inbuilt padding or anything to accentuate ma lumps.

Now they do look plumper in the after photo but I'm not sure whether that's due to the flash on the camera (plus the shot is closer) but I can tell you, my boobs don't feel any different to before and my bras aren't getting particularly tighter...

 The angle isn't entirely the same but obviously they havn't suddenly ballooned. Perhaps they're slightly perkier and firmer but don't go expecting a mini boob job because it just wont happen. It's worth mentioning that I havn't finished the tube and I reckon I've got another months use yet, so I will update it again in a month when maybe my boobs will have pulled their socks up a bit and sprout.

The product itself has the consistency of gel, with a strange citrus smell...the smell is by no means offensive though. It takes about 3 minutes to dry properly and me being paranoid held my arms out for that whole time in case the gel went onto my arms and made them fat hahaha.

All in all there's a possibility they may have got a tad plumper but maybe it's the fact that I see them everyday which prevents me from realising. Is it worth the £17? Meh take it or leave it. It's the kind of price where trying it out isn't going to hurt but you could just buy a nice lipstick instead!

Once again, I will do an extended review next month and we might see more of a difference, I hope so. To anyone who's insecure about their boobs just remember they're lovely in all different shapes and sizes and these products only aim to enhance what you have and not change them, because you shouldn't change them. Go boobs!

Lots of love xxx


  1. Wondering how the update went the next month! Wanting to purchase but not sure if it's worth the hype. Nobody really has too much info on this product.

  2. Well they look beautiful in all the pics.

  3. Soo? wheres the update?

  4. Ive been using nip &fab bust fix for a while now and im very happy with the outcome especially after breast feeding a baby you feel that you have nothing in your boobs but since ive been using this the feeling has gone