Friday, 30 March 2012


I'M EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE I have purchased my FIRST Chanel lipstick. I have always loved the brand and adore their foundations/eyeshadows but I've just not been able to justify spending so much on a lipstick!  The lipstick I eventually bought is named Teheran and it's the lovechild of a pink lipstick and a coral lippy, beautiful! The lovely makeup assistant kept mentioning it's the best selling lipstick of their whole collection. I always swatch this when I walk past so I decided I should buy one (plus HoF had a 10% discount on beauty...perfect excuse!!!)

Here it iiiisss! I love the packaging, it's so chunky yet sleek if that makes sense?!

Monday, 26 March 2012

Mac splurge and SAMPLES!!!

OK SO THERE'S A REASON I HAVE CALLED my blog 'Living off samples' *insert sheepish face here*. I am literally like a squirrel hoarding nuts with the amount of samples I accumulate. It's great haha. Over the weekend I went to Plymouth as it's the nearest place that has a Mac counter (this makes me very excited). My boyfriend had to hang around while I looked at EVERYTHING Mac had to offer. I'm suprised at how little I actually ended up buying but I was only restrained by the fact that it does start to add up! I bought three eyeshadows and one beautiful lipstick which I will do a full review on soon but the lighting is rubbish for photos at the moment (10 pm, errr) so bare with me on that one...
Back to the samples! As I was in an unfamiliar town none of the makeup assistants know me so I took full advantage of the opportunity to blag some samples ;) See for yourself...

                I look naked - I can assure you I'm not! All the samples barely fit in my hand.