Tuesday, 29 May 2012


HERE'S JUST A LITTLE POST to show you a few of the things I am frothing about. I occasionally check out the Nasty Gal website, which has some funky stuff. My latest snoop has put ideas in my head and I'm loving these items:

 £30.59   £21.41
I adore this, I think it's extremely cute the way she's wearing it with shorts. I am really tempted...

 £56.09   £39.26
Another cute item, I think this would be great in the summer evenings at a BBQ or something when it gets cooler. It would look immense with a tan too. Shorts or skinnies would go perfectly.

Ok so I think Gold and cream can either look really chavvy or really good, obviously I think this looks good (otherwise it's like check out my lust list...of things I hate!) and I really would like a new bag. I have quite a few bags but I've never spent over £30 on one so they always come to a mangey end. Can't decide whether I prefer the cream or the black though!

Now this one would look amazing with a leather jacket and some black heels. I love both bags but realistically I wont get either because I'm probably going to get one on holiday in June (grab a designer rip of mwahaha...and watch it fall apart again!).

£60 All Saints
I really like this bracelet and keep trying it on when I'm at work but I've used up all my staff discount for this season because I let all my friends use it, waaaahhh. I'm hoping it goes in the sale because I do think jewellery is worth having when it's a one off piece (even though there's numerous ones it's still quite unique). However, unique or not, I'm not in a position to be throwing £60 into buying a bracelet...that's like three Chanel products! :o haha

£39 Miss Selfridge
Ok before you say anything, I was thinking this would be really cute to play tennis in! It's got the sporty vibe and although I wouldn't wear it out anywhere, it's perfect for the court. Plus the back is really cool but I'm too lazy to do another screen grab, soz! Did I really just say ''soz''?!

£45 Miss Selfridge
With dress, with skinnys. Need I say anymore? LAV.

YSL lipstick in 'Impetuous beige' #107 £23.50
Stonkingly expensive so it wont happen for a while, need to remember my priorities, however, one day........

 Ysl lipstick in 'Cool guava' #09 £23.50
Same goes :'(

So that is the updated Lust List, excluding plenty of other things - Michael Kors watch *ahem* - but I don't want to seem that bratty now do I??

Link me to any lust lists you may have lurking! I always love reading them! :) xx

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  1. Loveee the All Saints bracelet, so nice. Fingers crossed it goes in the sale I might be tempted too haha! Also wanted to say thank you for leaving such a lovely comment on my blog, you lovely lady!! :) xx