Wednesday, 9 May 2012


DOING A PARTY EYE OF THE WEEK post is a new idea of mine which I will stick to religiously! It speaks for itself and this week I came up with a simple blue look. It involves quite a few sparkly products so catches the camera lights nicely, adding a twinkle to your eyes.

Step 1: Using a fluffy brush, sweep your whole eyelid with
a shimmery copper bronze eyeshadow, to just below the brow bone.
Step 2: Wet a shimmery blue shadow and line your entire eye with it, going under your lower lash line too.

Step 3: Draw a thin cat flick on the outer corner of your eye with a blendable black eyeliner. Quickly smudge it outwards before it dries.

Step 4: Pat a sparkly blue gel liner (I used the classic old Collection 2000 gel liners) around the inner corner of your eyes, top and bottom.

Step 5: Once mascara is applied, use the same sparkly eyeliner to load your lashes with glitter. Et Voila! You're good to go ;)

Some pics for you to get the idea:

 With flash...
 Without flash.

I hope you like this look. It's so easy (which is why I did it today as I didn't have much time to blog!) and it's really quick to apply.

Please give me feedback as to whether a party eye of the week is something you would be interested in reading. I will do some amazing ones if people like them! :) I thought it would be good to do a range of easy ones, to more complex time consuming looks.

Anyway thanks for reading, I'm greatful as always :)


  1. Your eyes look huge! Jealous :P I will definitely be trying this look out (once exams are over > . <), a party eye of the week is a great idea :) x

    1. Thanks honey! Good luck with your exams, I have my A levels at the moment too so I know how it feels, keep revising!! xxx

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Kate :) Your blog is awesome, I really like it. I know what you mean about Sleek Rose Gold being hard to find. x