Wednesday, 6 June 2012


WOW IT'S BEEN A LONG TIME since I've written, sorry about that. Manic times with exams, neeeaarly finished though! Here's a few things from the month of May which have been floating my boat :)

1. St Moriz self tanning lotion. I bought both the lotion and the mousse from TK Maxx and as a true St Tropez devotee, this cheap version has pleasantly suprised me. For £3.99 I was amazed at how nicely the colour turns out. It doesn't quite trump St Tropez because it lacks that special *glow* but for the price it's really great. Both the lotion and the mousse are easy to apply (with a mitt, mind!!! I did it with bare hands the first time having lost my mitt and I had Nigerian hands for a good 5 days...) and they smell no better or no worse than most tanners. As for the longevity, I got the same 5ish days worth of tan as I do with other tanners but unless you keep exfoliating and
moisturizing then it does go a bit patchy after a while, which I havn't noticed with some of the more expensive tanners. Overall this is fine for the little top ups between using something a little more luxury for a nice occasion.
Before with flash

After with flash

2. Urban Decay 'Sustainable shadow box'. I have done a blog post on this here and having had time to play with the different colours and looks, I can safely say I adore it. Each colour is gorgeous and will be used  as much as the others because they're all so pigmented and pretty. Argh I hate how Urban Decay is so amazing, means I'd like to buy it all!

3. The Body Shop cherry body butter. I'm sure you're aware that The Body Shop is a firm favourite of mine for body creams and anything to chuck in the bath. I ran out of my Miss Dior Cherie perfume and I'm not buying another perfume until I'm at the airport duty free in 10 days sooo I decided slathering myself in this stuff would make me smell sweet and yummy. I don't want to sound up myself here but hell yeah I smell like a freaking cherry! Gotta love this body butter too because it has a lighter texture than most of their other ones (which are great in the winter but a bit thick in the summer).

Do you see?!

4. Nars 'Orgasm blush'. Something which I know most of you will have read plenty of reviews about but I will still continue ;) This was kindly given to me by my lovely boyfriend when he went to Birmingham for the day. I dont have a Nars in my city and I wanted to swatch it before I bought, I guess he was so fed up with my deliberating that he went ahead and got it, I owe him :)
Anyway it's just beautiful and it has a gorgeous gold shimmer running through the pretty pink blush. I am really hoping to get a Nars in the John Lewis which is opening here soon as I would like to try more of their stuff. I've heard good things about the Laguna bronzer and the highlighter sticks. I have used the Orgasm blush pretty much everyday since I've had it and I love the colour it delivers.

4. The Body Shop 'Intense moisture cream'. So the Body Shop has managed to creep into my favourties twice. This cream is my latest addition to my skincare routine and it's the third Vitamin E product I have from their range. I use this when my skin needs an extra hit of moisture between using their day cream. It doesn't feel at all greasy or overly thick once it has absorbed. It's just a really pleasant feel and means that my skin can recharge...

5. Estee Lauder 'Pure Colour lipstick' in Hint of Peach. The reason this is in a little pot is because there was a brand new tester out and some girl broke it clean off the tube, leaving it lying on the counter. Me being a sample freak decides I like the colour and puts it in a little pot (it was brand new, not skanky!). I'm so glad I took it because this colour is so nice on my skintone and with my hair colour. It's a really pretty coral/pink that looks less orange than in the photo below. It's got a nude vibe about it if I wear it alone or I can make it more intense with a slick of pink gloss on the top. Love.

6. Models Own nail polish in 'Tropical'. This is the perfect summer nail colour. It reminds me of the Nars Orgasm nail varnish (never tried it but looks like the photos). Only two coats is needed for this to look intense, the smell is vile, more so than most nail polishes I've used but that can be overlooked for the fact that the colour is lovely, plus the smell disappears once it has dried! It's a shimmery coral laced with gold flecks, meaning it looks almost metallic.

Has anyone been using any of the products I've mentioned? Link me to any favourites you have up, I love reading about them :) Hope you're all having a lush spring/summer. The sun is shining, woop!

I was thinking of doing a post tomorrow or the day after about excersise and great ways to tone up different body parts, with step by step instructions. What do you think to this? Please let me know!

Lots of love xx


  1. that models own polish is gorgeous! xx

  2. Awh yeah it is :) You can pick them up for £5 in Boots xx