Sunday, 22 April 2012


IT DOESN'T FEEL LIKE we're having much of a summer in the UK so what better way to bring a bit of sun into your life than to play around with summer makeup?! I bought a single eyeshadow from The Body Shop with a voucher I had, there's no name for the colour but it's the lovely bronze one. I applied it with a damp brush because it brings out the colour that bit more whilst adding a metallic shine.

 I literally just wore this colour, nothing else fancy but it's enough to bring a hint of summer into my look. As you can see I just flicked it out at the end for a cheeky hint of Grecian eye. It's such a simple look and can be done with any eyeshadow, just remember to wet it for an extra hit of colour.

Question: Would anybody be interested if I were to do a review on the cult product ''Nip+Fab Bust Fix''? If so then please comment because I will only buy it if people are actually interested in hearing about it :) Hope you're all having a fab sunday!


  1. I love this colour, you look really pretty :) I haven't heard anything about 'Nip+Fab Bust Fix' but it sounds interesting :) x

  2. Thank you :) I ended up buying the bust fix so I will do a blog post about it after a month of use (it's supposed to boost your boob size in a month!) haha, so vain ;) X

  3. Wow! You look stunning :) xxx

  4. Thanks girls, you're too sweet! If there's every anything you want reviewed let me know, I'm always looking for ideas. Lovely blogs all of you :)