Tuesday, 10 April 2012


LET ME BEGIN BY WARNING YOU this post contains rants...if you're in a foul mood then this will only add to the intensity of it so I reccomend coming back later!

I promised to write reviews on each of the different skin product samples I picked up in Plymouth
a few weeks ago and today was Too Faced BB cream's time to shine. And that it did. In fact it shone so much I ended up looking like an angry lesbian oiled up within an inch of my life, about to take someone out in a wrestling ring. FIT.
Lets rewind to where it all started. BB creams started emerging into the beauty world a few months ago, lead by skincare giant Garnier. Suddenly every brand decided they needed a BB cream and rolled their own one out in no time. I'm pretty sure the folks up in the Too Faced head office had a conversation which went something like this:

''Oh crap! Everyone has a BB cream out apart from us. You have 15 minutes to make one, starting    now''.

*15 minutes later*

''Here you go. We found some glue, vasteline and paint, then we mixed them all together. The pretty packaging will disguise the fact it belongs in hell''.

The important bits:
Application - Not bad, it blends well but feels slightly stickyish.
Smell - Standard BB cream smell, bland. Not a real problem with it though.
Colour - Not bad, no complaints on that although it does veer slightly towards orange :s
Finish - Don't get me started on how much I hate the finish of this BB cream. Get your shades on because my face is SHINING! My skin isn't at all oily, yet this managed to make it look so greasy! Having said this I didn't set it with a powder or anything like that, but I think a really good product is one that does it's job without having to necessarily add other things to help it out.
Durability - Took it straight off so no comment there.

I did consider taking photos but the light was terrible and I just wanted to get it off so you'll have to take my word for this one.
As a side note I do actually like Too Faced in general, I have a couple of their eye palettes e.t.c but they should just give up with this product, it's like fart.

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