Friday, 13 April 2012


I RECENTLY BOUGHT BOTH THE moisture serum and the moisture cream in the Vitamin E range from The Body Shop and I've been using them for long enough now to write a full review for you. Before using these products I generally used random creams that were knocking about, nothing in specific. My skin sometimes felt quite tight after cleansing before I'd moisturized it. I'd not really paid much attention to a moisturizing routine though, I did it when I felt like it (not often enough apparently). ANYWAY I love these products, the serum is basically an extra form of deep mouisturisation which ovbiously you apply before the moisturizer. The lady in the shop told me to wait a good 30 seconds before applying the cream. I always add the cream to my morning routine but most nights before bed I leave it at just the serum because it's enough to keep my skin hydrated through the night without a product overload.
In terms of serums, I've usually understood them to have purposes like lightening dark pigmentationor reducing acne scarring etc, let me stress this cream does not claim to do any of those things - it's purely a deep moisturizer.
On to the cream! I love this product because it feels like it really hydrates my skin without feeling greasy as it sinks in really nicely. With both products you only need to use a pea sized amount for your whole face to get a good quench (get a good quench, does that make sense?!).
The cream can be used on it's own as well, which just means it gives you just as nice of a base for makeup or whatever but without the added layer of intense moisture from the serum.

As you can see, both have decent packaging and I like the fact the cream doesn't use a pump becuase I SUCK at using pumps. I will be guaranteed to dispense way too much so the scooping method saves me moneh! Oh before I forget, the cream is apparently in their top 3 best selling products, (always a good sign) and costs £9. The serum is priced at £10.

If you're considering buying any of these or something else from The Body Shop I have actually included some voucher codes that I found on various sites so you can save yourself some money!

  • 35% off orders (ends Tuesday 17th April) enter this code at checkout 'VCODE35'

  • 25% off orders (ends 31st December!!!!!!!) enter 'WELCOME' at checkout, ha 25% off all year!

  • 3 for 2 on all skincare and makeup (including products reviewed obviously) just visit website

  • Free delivery on orders over £20, also just need to visit website, no code necessary

  • 50% off ALL body butters, totally dangerous offer there haha, just visit website as well, no codes
It's not clear when the last three offers end so I can't tell you that unfortunately.

Wow I sound like a Body Shop promotions person, I just want you to have options if you're going to buy anything from there. I have to say though, Body Shop go mental with their deals, it's awesome! I don't know how they can afford to do it.

Does anyone else have a bit of a thing about the Body Shop? ;)

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