Tuesday, 17 April 2012


THIS POST IS SO BELATED AS I VISITED Cornwall over the Easter weekend which was 10 days ago but never mind! In January my dad began renovating an old run down cottage, which sits right in the sand dunes of a little beach. My boyfriend and I went to see the finished article and stayed the night. It's going to be used as my dad and his girlfriend's little getaway for when Devon gets tough, and it looks really gorgeous now.

We managed to scoff our way through a stash of easter eggs as well as sampling delicious treats Cornwall had to offer. My dad looks after our amazing dog, Fugly, and I adore seeing him whenever I visit my dad. I live with my boyfriend so it's not everyday I see Fugly face.

I've included a few little snaps from the short time we were there, to give you more insight...

 The dude himself

Harassing the Cornwolian dogs ;)

My dad welcoming us by getting his culinary skills on with a lovely dinner of lamb

Sandy balls relaxing after a long day

Awww :)

A pensive Fugly, not sure about his ginger mohawk...

I hope that wasn't boring for anyone, I'm not one of those crazy annoying people who insists on showing everyone photos of their pets when I'm out. This is the only place I get to do it I'm afraid hehe! Link me to any posts you have involving a pet, I love them, they're the furry version of us ;) x


  1. Hahaaa I love the name of your dog!! I go to CornwaLl a lot as well as most of my family is from there! Xxx

    1. Ah that's great :) where abouts do you go? x

    2. Oh and my dad is embarassed to call him Fugly so when he's calling him on the beach in front of other people it's ''Fuglini'', which makes my dad sound brilliantly camp ;)

    3. Mainly Falmouth area, but they seem to be all over the place, Truro/Redruth etc, and I went to Newquay with my friends a couple of times.
      Haa I think Fugly would be a better thing to yell personally!

    4. I've not been to Falmouth but I've been to Redruth, the beach with the insanely steep stairs and loads of caves? Descriptive...
      The cottage is in Mawgan Porth so we pop over to Newquay sometimes, it's quite nice there I think. I prefer Devon to Cornwall though to be honest (which is where I live) bit more to do haha.