Sunday, 1 April 2012


I DON'T KNOW WHETHER ANY OF YOU have had something that might not be wrong with your appearance, but you literally fixate on? For me there's usually something going on, like last year when I got back from a holiday in Cyprus, I was absolutely convinced I had suddenly aquired lines under my eyes and I wouldn't stop obsessing over it. I thought it was from sun damage on holiday even though I lathered myself in sun cream. I bought an eye cream and never thought about it again as it seemed to just go away...(it was completely psychological, I'm sure of it).
My point is that we're always trying to ''fix'' something and it's unhealthy and all that, I know, bla bla bla BUT there is one thing I've been thinking about for a while which concerns my eyebrows - they are just too dark for my hair!! This fixation I have been able to somewhat sort out with a little help from 'Jolen Cream Bleach'. It's meant for lightening excess dark facial hair, including eyebrows.

Thankfully I don't have dark facial hair to worry about but I have done some before and after photos to show anyone who may be considering using this for their eyebrows. The photos aren't in exactly the same light but you get the idea.

As you can see I don't go mental with it because the last thing I want is ginger brows! You mix up some of the powder with the cream and apply for 5-10 minutes depending on how light you want to go. I only left mine on for 4/5 minutes.
I do think it makes a difference to my overall appearance because it slightly softens my face, which obviously I like.
Has anybody ventured into the crazy world of eyebrow bleaching?

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