Friday, 13 April 2012


I'VE NEVER DONE AN OUTFIT POST before, mainly because I don't consider myself to be a fashion blogger and seeing some girl's blogs and how amazing their style is, my OOTD's wont stand a chance! However I'd like to dip my toes in now and again because I'm excited summer is here and that means being able to enjoy wearing summery things and not hide under five layers of clothing!

I met my friend for a coffee in the afternoon and went extrememly casual in some shorts and a jumper. I turned up to see her working leopard print leggings like a boss, with a funky top just owning everyone in Costsa. I wish I'd taken a picture of her outfit for you because it was a bit more interesting haha.

The jumper is from New Look, I got this when I got my awesome panties (post link here) and I'm loving it. It's really easy to chuck on with pretty much anything, except a flowy skirt maybe...I would look like a sack. The shorts are from All Saints and I'm looking forward to wearing them on holiday with a nice tan as they compliment a tan really well.

I went pretty simple with the makeup today and wore my Chanel Teheran lipstick (post link here etc etc) which I'm also really loving. I havn't been using it everyday though because I want to savour it hehe. I did a flick of eyeliner and mascara and that was pretty much it for le makeup, hence no photos, it would bore you!

In the evening my boyfriend and I went to an amazing American restaurant called Starz Bar. It boasts huge burgers, grills and anything American really. We went because we've been obsessed with watching 'Man v Food' lately and it inspired us to get some US grub. Unfortunately there aren't any crazy food challenges at Starz and nobody stood around us screaming ''YOU CAN BEAT THAT RACK OF RIBS!!!'' but it was very enjoyable none the less haha. I wore a red dress I've had hiding in my cupboard since the January sales. It was only £20 reduced from about £65 I think, from Warehouse.

We met friends after dinner at a bar which is why the jacket was necessary as the nights are still quite chilly here :(

This is the only photo I have of the makeup. Like in the day it was pretty simple but I didn't want to do a smoky eye because it was still light outside and for some reason that made it feel wrong?!
Lipstick was L'oreal rose tendre (colour 303), a massive favourtie of mine, and it's only £8 I think.

And the food part.....................drum roll!....................

This doesn't do it justice but it was good! Phil had the mahussive rack of ribs with chicken, whilst I had the enchiladas. Both portions were huge and you know what? We ate every last bite ;)

I hope everyone is having a nice week, nearly the weekend!!! X


  1. I love man vs food!! I watch it with my guy too! I also adore both your outfits and my hair used to be just like yours... You are right! We are freakishly a like! All haaaiill American foodxx

    1. It's so awesome isn't it? I'm the same as you in that I eat so much + no excersise and somehow I'm not morbidly obese. Woop! x Oh and I love your hair as it is now, I saw your post about extensions, it's a gorgeous colour :)