Wednesday, 25 July 2012


HEY SEXY BEASTS. Yesterday I met my lovely dad for a spot of lunch and a catch up. I've mentioned before that him and his girlfriend renovated a beach cottage in Cornwall. This now means that we all have to become amazing surfers according to him, meaning we marched off to a sports shop and he got a bit wetsuit happy and bought three. We all have one now so there's no excuse not to get in the sea and ''catch some waves'' ;). Love my dad when he gets something in his head. He has to follow it through and he wont stop until he's satisfied that he's providing everyone with the right equipment for his chosen activity haha. I'm going to visit them next week sometime so the update will come! Should be rather hilarious trying not to let the sea completely destroy me...


The lovely offerings we had from ''Coals'' restaurant. There's not that many in the country (about 6 or 7 I think?) but if find yourself near one, GO INSIDE AND FEAST! It's such great food and their cocktails are fecking awesome!

I should really restrain from constantly posting pictures of Fugly on here...but I wont ;) Love xx

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  1. Your dog looks great in glasses, I'd love to follow each other, I'm already following you.