Sunday, 15 July 2012


WELL HOWDY THERE! I hope this post isn't boring, it's not the most fun topic in the world but I do believe that healthy eating plays a huge role in how people feel about themselves, inside and out. I've been eating like a proper poo lately, grabbing anything that's quick and convinient whilst at work and when I'm catching up with friends in town...not to mention the over indulgence that went on in Turkey a few weeks ago! On top of that excersise has been non existent, purely because I've not had the time or energy.

I don't want to sound like a depressive banging on about how unhealthy I am but leading up to my holiday, I was eating really well and doing a normal amount of excersise and I felt so good! My skin was fresher and brighter, my energy levels rocketed and I avoided the bloated feeling which is all too common when I'm on a bad diet phase. Loosing weight wasn't a huge aim for me but it did happen while I was eating well, which in turn made me feel better in my clothes etc.
Yesterday I decided it was time I got back on track and made myself a lovely ''superfood salad'', packed with goodness. It consisted of giant cous cous, chickpeas (yawn!), green lentils and various beans and bits of pepper. My dad's girlfriend is always trying to get me to realise the health benefits of eating corriander and parsley, spare me!!! However I decided I would venture into the world of sprinkling my food with leaves and I added some corriander ontop, what a party 'eh?!
This is where I admit that I did copy an M&S salad pretty much ingredient for ingredient. Their one is called...drum roll...Superfood Salad! Haha, it's cheaper if you buy the ingredients and make it in bulk though so that's what I did - teehee.

To jazz it up a little I ate it with beetroot (VERY good for us!) and tuna with low fat mayo.
I highly reccomend people make themselves a big salad in bulk so that you can just pop it in a container for work or trips to town, otherwise it's all too easy to live off Tesco BLT's and kit kats for lunch, or is that just me?? ;)

I'm going to include some nice recipes for dinners and snacks in my blog, would this be interesting for you or not? Obviously beauty etc will take priority but I love reading blogs where people share a little chunk of their lifestyle too, and that includes foodie things :)

Love! xxx

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