Sunday, 22 July 2012


HOWSIT HANGING? Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. A few days ago my lovely friend Lily had a bunch of us unruly people over at hers and we hit the town. Surprisingly, for someone my age I don't go clubbing that much. I just did a lot of clubbing here when I was 17 that I'm bored of the night life my city has to offer. I love cocktails so going out for evening drinks/nibbles is always right up my street, however this time I kicked my granny slippers off and I decided to party!
I find that the summer is a time where I experiment a bit with different things (makeup/ food/ clothes/ getting lost on explorations) because I always feel that bit more adventurous in the summer, don't ask why! This month has seen me try out red lipstick more. I bought a lovely one from Mac called ''MAC Red'' (post here) which I wore a couple of times before I finally chickened out...well if Mac thought that was the end of it then Mac picked on the wrong bitch. I took the lipstick by the horns and went all out by pairing my white Marilyn Monroe style dress with big red smackers and curled hair. It was probably a case of:

Sorry Amy, I did like you...

Here's a few photos to show how the makeup/hair turned out.

Lancome Tient Miracle in shade 3
Velvet revolver & Sexpresso eyeshadows from the Too Faced Natural Eye palette (not clear in photos)
Maybelline Master Precise eyeliner
Nars Orgasm
Touch of Benefit Hoola
''Mac Red'' lipstick, definitely looked redder in real life!

I curled my hair using a cheap Phillips hair tong, easy! :)

The dress. I would have put up a better photo but this is the only one which really shows it fully.

All in all it was a fun night and I'm enjoying the red lip thing at the moment, even though I'm looking at the photos and they look quite pink! It was a blog post none the less... :P
Has anyone else been having summer nights out? Love as always xx


  1. You aree beauuutt! u should use ghd sea salt spray! :D its amaaazing for a wavy beach hair effect (if u dnt already know) :) check out my blog if u have time ill be doing hair posts if ur interested :D xx

  2. Girl you are stunning!! xo