Wednesday, 25 July 2012


I'M SURE YOU ALL HAVE LOVELY SMACKERS buuut sometimes, like anything, it's nice to accentuate them. This is little step by step way to achieve fuller looking lips naturally. Hope it helps. For the record I probably do this about once a year, I went out and bought a lip liner just to make this tutorial, reason being because I think you can get full looking lips purely through wearing a good lipstick with a bit of gloss on the top. Lip liner is a bit of a weird product in my view, but if you have one knocking around then maybe give this a go :)

Start with clean, moisturised lips. There's some weird hair on my top lip in these photos, apologies.

 With a nude lipliner, start by making a V on your cupids bow.

It should look like this, don't worry if the line is really obvious, it will get sorted out later.

Trace along your top lip, with a lighter hand the further you get to the corner of your mouth.

 Start lining your bottom lip, you can make the line fairly thick at this point if you want to.

Ensure that you join the top and bottom line in the corner of your mouth.

 You should look like a low class hooker at this point.

 Now for the blending, it's very essential to getting the look to be natural but make sure you don't totally erase the liner. The best way is with your little finger so you don't press too hard.

 The next step is to get a creamy highlighter (this is a Bodyshop one) and dab a teeny bit on your cupids bow. If you don't have highlighter then a shimmery eyeshadow will do the job, sparingly!

 You will now have something like this. You can stop here and wear it as a natural lip orrr...

...load it with a clear lipgloss/balm to create the illusion of even fuller lips.

You may not see such a difference in these photos but in real life it does show a slight difference. You wouldn't want it to be too dramatic otherwise it would be obvious to people that you used lip liner. Not good! Have a fun day chicks xx

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