Wednesday, 8 August 2012


WHY HELLO THERE (said very seductively). It feels like it's been a while. Hope everyone is good and happy. I've mentioned before that I work at All Saints, well we're gradually getting our new uniform over the next few weeks as the new season clothing fills out the shop. It's always very exciting to see which direction the brand is going each season. I'm going to do an outfit post when I've got more time but today is just a quickie to show you the shoes I've got to wear this season.

They're called the High Hessian Boot and can be bought HERE. They're made from soft Italian leather and they're leather lined too. I find the quality of All Saints shoes really good, I've found my past season shoes are in really good nick even after a few months of constant use.

What do you think? As I said, outfit posts to come shortly! :) Lots of love xx

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  1. These are lovely!