Wednesday, 15 August 2012


IT'S THE DAY BEFORE SHIT HITS THE FAN...that's results day to normal speaking people. it. Not because I havn't worked hard enough, trust me, I worked my absolute butt off. I just get nervous because it doesn't always turn out how you would like it too. AAAAAAAANYWAY. I was in Bristol the other day with my lovely friend Heidi, whom is also very obsessed with makeup, and I demanded a sample out of the woman working on Clinique. The lovely Kristina from KAYTURE has revealed that she uses Clinique Even Better foundation and her skin is literally f l a w l e s s ! I tried it in the colour 3.

The above two photos are the foundation in natural daylight (although pretty miserable outdoor lighting to say the least!). I found this founation a tad too shiny for my liking because I prefer not to use powder on top of foundation, yet with this I think I would have to. The colour is great, it matches my skin really nicely with how it is at the moment. Not much to say about smell etc. The coverage is medium to full and it blends really well.
I think this is great for anyone who has quite dry skin or doesn't mind layering the powder on, however it is not quite what I'm looking for. I can't imagine ever finding the perfect foundation but I damn well wont stop trying! In fact I'm off to London for a few days on Friday so I'm hoping to come by a Laura Mercier stand and grab the Silk Creme foundation which is supposed to be beautiful. Chanel is still topping my charts at the moment though ;) Love their foundation!

Has anyone given this product a go? xx


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  2. I really want to try the Laura Mercier foundation! Ps YAY Bristol! (not being weird, Bristolian right here)

    PS HOPE YOUR RESULTS GO WELL!! I want everyone to get theirs so I can find people going to my uni!

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  3. you are absolutely gorgeous!