Saturday, 4 August 2012


SO I'M IN CORNWALL WITH my dad and his lovely girlfriend. It's his birthday today so I wanted to dedicate this post to him by telling you the things that make my dad (and hopefully everyone else's) very special. P.S: We took this photo yesterday...look how proud he looks! Haha.

1. My dad is always there for me, even though I moved out of home two years ago, if I need his support then he'll be round in a jiffy.

2. He's never down. Sometimes business gets stressful and where many people would become ratty he just takes it in his stride and remains calm and happy.

3. He wants everyone he loves to be as happy and healthy as they can be. Sometimes I'll meet up for lunch with him or go to stay at their house and he'll have some new product for me to make sure I'm comfortable and healthy. The last thing was anti hay fever pillows.

4. He's supportive of me in any situation. Whether he disagrees with me or not, he makes sure I feel supported either way.

5. He's active and looks after himself so we can do fun things together (for example totally failing at surfing).

6. He fills up my petrol tank each time I come to stay.........what?!

7. He's really fungy (funny).

8. When he gets an idea in his head, for example improving something about the house or garden, he doesn't stop until he's satisfied. It's very amusing watching him march back and forth outside, building stuff like a caveman with his big mallet, huffing and puffing.

9. He's very thoughtful with my friends too. My good friend Holly was pretty much like my sister at one point because we were constantly staying at each others  houses and my dad sent us both on holiday together and took us on day trips all the time, always treating Holly like another daughter.

10. My dad is fully dedicated to me and whilst my mum hasn't been involved in my life for the last 10 years, he's had to be both a father and a mum to me. He's done a damn good job because I'm not as screwed up as I could potentially be ;) Haha.

Enough now, I'm getting all soppy and I just heard him blowing his nose reeeaaallly loudly in the bathroom...kind of ruins the moment haha.


  1. This is so cute. I know how you feel! So much love for dads.
    Yours does sound amazing though, what a lovely touching post :)

  2. This is the sweetest post :) I hope surfing was fun, I've only been once but I managed to hit myself in the face with my board :P I'm really well at the moment, just a little bored at home :P How're you? Cornwall sounds like so much fun :) x