Monday, 27 February 2012

Idol Lash Review

I'VE BEEN DEBATING WHETHER TO buy an eyelash enhancing serum for a while now as I was put off by some reviews claiming they had experienced all kinds of scary side effects, such as eye colour changes, darkening around the eye, irritation, maybe death...(sure, not death but you get the point). However the idea of fluttering lashes seemed too good to resist so I took to the internet in search of a less harsh serum, hence discovering Idol Lash. Nobody has complained about side effects and it seems very safe to use so I bought it on Amazon for £35 (standard price for this product).

It comes in a small tube with a thin applicator, much like a liquid eyeliner would have, and that's exactly how you're supposed to apply it. It says for use on top and bottom lashs but there's no way I'm using it on the bottom lashes because once you add mascara to them they're long enough, I'd look pretty mental with long spidery bottom lashes. Not cool.

This is clearly going to be an ongoing review because it takes a while to see any differences. I'm planning on doing a fortnightly post about this little tube of loveliness and we can see whether it's any good. I'm not expecting the same rapid results as the more intense serums such as Rapidlash, Lilash and Latisse, but that's only because in order to avoid blooming eye discolouration I'd rather use a gentler approach. Here are a few ''before'' pictures, hopefully the next few will be slightly more praiseworthy in the eyelash department!

Bye for now! xx

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